Sunday, January 22, 2012

Date night..

Tonight in spite of the snow we had our date night... Little trip out to chilies I am beat now LOL... But as tired as I was I was still all dolled up for the husband LOL.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Green Sheets and The Neighborhood Watch

So there is this new thing my friend the councilman put into place called green sheets, he requested that we as people living in this area fill there’s out completely anonymously, to report topics ranging from, broken fences, junk and debris in yard, sidewalk repair, street repair, broken windows, broken foundations, home open to intrusion, siding /painting, structural, garbage, parking in yard, signage, trees, high grass, porches/steps, suspected drug activities, speeding and vehicles that are abandoned. That is an awful lot!

I am not so troubled by the minor things but it’s a little unnerving to go reporting drug activities! That sets everyone up for getting introuble with these nasty drug dealers. I for one don’t want to have to deal with that. I dunno I feel like this is asking a lot of people, maybe it is just me

Jimmy Hendrix

Jimmy hendrix, at least he thinks he is. He is a rather amusing permanent fixture here in Elmira. In his mind he can play guitar (which he cannot, but still carries it around) in his mind he is engaged and owns a pink caddy at the airport, and it’s there because he just got back from a gig in London. All of what he says he believes 100% what an imagination! And who am I to tell him otherwise? Lol


I was recently reading and article in “Real Simple” about how on facebook we tend to always put the best information out there, we show beautiful family pictures, everyone smiling, we show good food we eat and drink, we show vacations, warm holidays etc. Out status updates are that of how good things are, unless your one of those people who are never ever happy. I have a few friends like that.

Anyway, I am inclined to agree with this assessment. When my marriage was failing, and we were going through a rough time, I wasn’t in the least bit tempted to put it out their mainly bc that is private stuff! (I feel it’s OK now bc its better) not to mention I had the woman he cheated on me with for a friend, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when I spoke to my cousins about things, they were like “I had no idea! All your statuses seemed so happy! “

I guess I find I am increasingly annoyed with people who never stop whining! Who constantly change their relationship status, who leave it as “its complicated!” Aren’t these people aware that they are sharing all this with people they hardly know? Most of these people have 300 friends, non of which they talk to. I personally have 57, mostly consisting of family and near and dear friends. If people don’t talk to me for a few months I remove them. The way humans work is amazing. I think my favorite is the children that post pictures of them smoking pot, (which I have nothing against, I personally think it should be legal) but don’t they know employers look at facebook and myspace? My mother does at the college she works at. Theses are the people I call oversharers lol.

Now my mother and father are the opposite! They take it way to seriously. They have no profile pic, they won’t accept tags in pics. They keep theirs like Fort Knox, which of course is their prerogative.

I fall inbetween, I share some and leave some out. But that’s what a blog is for right?