Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Yesterday i had a nice drive to pa, the sun was shining and the susquehanna looked beautiful! i stopped off in scranton to pic up heather for the trip, we had fun talking and visiting, heidi was happy to seea nana and pop, and had a great time beating on harley (their dog) who also had fun because he thought she was playing. i enjoyed visiting with heather again. it is so hard to spend time with her new work sched and all. i thought it would be weird going to the inlaws without mike, but it was ok.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Alternative teaching. LOL

Not sure if you can see the pic well or not, but, mike is hell bent on teaching Heidi english and german, soo he has been labeling things in the shower so she will learn them, I think it's adoreable, she can learn english and german at once. (i would like to personally teach her french but one thing at a time rigt? LOL) people fault me for not wanting her to learn spanish, I just don't like the spanish language, it's to jarring of a sound. (now don't get it twisted I harbor no ill will towards people that speak spanish, I just don't want heidi to.) in ct where I'm from the kids learn spanish before english bc all their nannys are from spanish speaking continents, or portugiese. Which I also have no prob with, but I don't want anyone thinking I employ a nanny, I don't, it's all me! Maybe to some this makes me a monster, or as people will say I am "hindering" her bc everyone speaks spanish... Ok, if everyone was jumping off bridges would I throw heidi off? No, it's my right to not follow the masses, if when she can make her own decisions about learning spanish, then I won't stand in her way! I can't speak spanish and it didn't hinder me in any way!


So, to day looks like it is shaping up to be one of those kinda days.. i really want to take a shower.. hopefully i can soon... and tomorrow i will prob be driving to wilkes-barre to visit the in-laws.. i got the dates wrong of mikes time off so since they expected him to go there.. i figured i would at least bring Heidi for the day. which will be ok.. heather said she would go.. wither she actually will.. well.. thats a whole other story... she never does what she says she will do. i figure ill stop off at the college on the way home for a bit, or maybe try to see my cousins. then i found out that the three day wknd that mike does get (the one i took this one for) is my hs reunion, soo... i begrudgingly told Leslie i would at least drive up to Kent for the saturday activities on campus. (i loved my boarding school... just really wasn't friends with too many people) but.. if leslie is going.. i should too.. maybe i can meet up with Dave and Brenda too.. if their house hasn't floated away with all the flooding haha!
I changed Heidi's diaper and as it turns out she felt really warm, so i took her temp and its 101.6... sooooo tylenol time! i got her down for a nap, she has terrible diarrhea so i gave her some pedialite. poor monkey. guess a dr's visit is in order...

Political Correctness...

I know some people will prob take offense to this rant.. but.. oh well.. its how i feel.. these days you cant have an opinion about anything, you cant just say what is on your mind because always.. SOMEONE will get offended... always... its almost not worth putting your thoughts out there any more. when did america become so hung up on being so pc? This post from violent acres says it all 
"Political correctness does not create a more tolerant society. It creates a society of people secretly consumed by resentment because one honest slip of the tongue can earn them a label as an intolerant boob. Political correctness limits speech and creates hatred where none existed in the first place."
i personally think people need to stop taking everything the see, read, or hear to heart.. i mean my god! it was put out there about you! obviously people who make generalizations know that it doesn't apply to EVERYONE in that same race, situation, religion.. i mean come on!!!! are we so angry as a society we have forgotten that it is our right as american to say what ever the hell we want and to not have to face a judge for it? even if the judge turns out to br our own peers... now i am sure two people in particular will take offense to this after yesterday.. but again.. this is not directed at them.. though that just added to it. i would just like the freedom to be who i am say what the hell i want to say and not get attacked by people. this is not the first time this had happened... and probably not the last.. but i for one refuse to walk on eggshells for anyone. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ok.. Really??? WTF?????

Ok... i dont even know where to begin with this day... talk about a really insane ... just.. wow.. kind of day... ok... soooooo had  a nice start, got to talk to my mother and it has been i dunno... a week and a half since i talked to her. i missed her dearly. so from there.. the downward spiral started... Sid came over  and told me that my brother was going to take my dog when he left because he felt sorry for her (meaning we don't take enough care of her) which set me off.. and i tried to talk to him calmly about it.. but he got pissed that Sid told me, (mainly bc it was horribly twisted) so that escalated into a screaming match (which we haven't had in a long time...) we worked that out.. and then some chick started in on me in the store, telling me to move my "fat ass" says the girl pushing 400lbs. she said this because she was annoyed at where i was standing... i was already fired up so i told her she should consider looking in a mirror. sometimes i hate how ghetto fabulous this town is.. i mean god.. you don't have to be a bi**h to the girl who WASNT paying in food stamps! my husband works so you and your lazy fat a*s can eat! (which apparently i need to explain that statement, one she selected ebt on the payment machine, two, she drove and effen bmw, three, her kids clothes cost more than mine, so clearly she doesnt need assistance, she is lazy because she would rather tell me i was fat than walk around me.. and she is fat because literally three of me would equal one of her) uuughghghghghghgh. anyways.. that wasn't good.. then... barb called to tell me that tom kidnapped my nieces.. after threatening to kill them and nikki... which just.. horrifies me... i love those girls as much as i do Heidi... i will be saying quite a few prayers for all of them tonight... then... gary decided to hit on emily... needed that like a hole in the head... and there was much fighting while i was trying to talk to barb. i missed most of it but had to deal with the back lash... i am just sooooo happy today is over and all i hear right now is the laughter of the worlds most beautiful baby as she enjoys her bath...

Top contender for Heidi's Easter Dress..

So what do you all think? 

Heidi's New Pastime...

Heidi has this thing where she LOVES to click my car lock and make it beep... making my poor neighbors nuts... i consider it pay back from Sid's dogs waking me and Heidi up *maniacal laughter* 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Attempt at a new profile pic.. with the spirit of easter/spring lol

notice how heidi had ZERO interest in taking a pic LMAO! the last one i would venture to say she was bored! 

Words are worse than Sticks and Stones

a girl from the next town over from where i grew  up posted this.. i really feel for her, and pray that the bullying will stop... but even on her youtube video page, someone called her a fat ugly bitch... ugh

Heidi at meal's on wheels...

Heidi is chillin the the offices of meals on wheels with momma, she is trying to bring the spirit of spring to everyone here :) and getting TONS of attention for it lol


So... i had wanted to go to bed at like ten... my plan was thwarted... again i am not the least bit tired.. i wonder if its the meds... i was up most of last night.. its getting down right annoying now... and i have to get up at nine am to deliver meals on wheels this is gonna be a barrel of monkeys!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Heidi bear <3


Has anyone seen this show? It is hailarious! I love that it's geared both towards adults, teens, and little ones! It's right up there on my list of loves with "shaun the sheep" I have to buy that new spin off one of "timmy time" now that it's finally out, heidi goes nuts and runs around and dances when the add for it comes on. 


Why am i awake? i thought this cough syrup with codeine was supposed to help you sleep? apparently not.. so i am quietly talking to family on facebook chat and watching "operation repo" which.. man.. that is sooo funny sometimes.. and sometimes not... sometimes i just feel really bad for the people. you can see the desperation.. sign of the times i guess... happy i am lucky enough to own my cars outright i wont have to worry about that.. also saying a little prayer for poor Ronan tonight.. one of my family members who is only about six months old.. he is in the hospital for the third time this month, he twice today stopped breathing.. and they don't know what is wrong with him, thankfully the army let his dad come home from iraq to be there with him, my cousin tiff is going out to danville to see his mother and father and Ronan.. i know what hell it was when we were in the hospital with Heidi.. so my heart goes out to Melissa and her husband as they face this yet again.. and still no answers from the Dr.'s so i pray they find answers this time and he will be ok. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snow and Dr offices...

My car just got covered in ice on the way home from the Dr's office... Lovely

Anyways... I FINALLY got and apt with a Dr office, and as it turns out the standard of care there is amazing! I expected the assembly line care, were they usher you in and out and don't pay attention to your needs. The Dr I got, was very personable, listened intently and took great care. All said and done I have a sinus infection from the devil himself! And he gave me cough syrup with codeine (had no idea but apparently it suppresses the urge to cough... You won't see me complaining!) and the good ol z-pack and some Rx decongestant... So here's hoping I'm better soon!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My mac...

my poor mac book... i have loved and cherished this computer for the last four years... it is heading into a slow painful decline... the screen doesn't work but half the time... mike constantly has to fix the power chord... and now... tonight.. my "u" key decided to just out of nowhere fall off... but i will remain faithful to this mac... and i will pray that the mac fairy will stop by my house one of these days..

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Not feeling nearly as bad today... but coughing up a storm.. its making it really hard to sleep, i called the dr they have no openings till mon, (go figure) so i guess i get to deal. the humidifier helped some last night, so we will see how it goes tonight. im just praying heidi doesn't catch this too! speaking of heidi... god did she embarrass me today, i was in target with emily, who had given her her wallet, and in emily's wallet was her birth control. of course heidi HAD to take it out while i wasn't looking, only to be told by some very judgmental angry woman who goes, "your baby has your pills" very condescending like. i mean, i get that its not good she had them, but there is no way she could ever get to them in the blister pack! i felt awful. i seriously wanted to leave the store after that. i mean god, shit happens, i would have seen in the next few seconds any ways, so then people were shaking their heads and whispering about us. i am so mad about it! i have never felt like such an awful mother in my life, and i really didnt even do anything wrong. i hate people sometimes!

Friday, March 18, 2011


I seriously hope i can sleep tonight... i took a sudafed, a mucinex and some other cold pill something... i dont even know any more... i am just so sick of not being able to breath! and when i tried to take a nap earlier i was constantly aware of how stuffy i was. *sigh* wish me luck!

Eldridge park

we had nice weather for a change! 61 deg! soo it seemed like a perfect day to pack the kids in the car and head off for the park. and it was, they had a heck of a lot of fun running around the playground and walking around the pond. only thing that stunk was i felt so sick and awful, i am sooo stuffy and if my nose had legs it would run away from the assult it has taken from nose blowing and tissues. i have a nice cough going on too.. but is suppose i should count my blessings, i could have a fever, be throwing up and have a head ache, luckily i dont (knock on wood) so it looks like tomorrow i will put my health insurance to work (for once) and head to the dr and beg for some antibiotics lol. i wanna be able to enjoy this nice weather! last night it was so nice out we fired up the grill! (yes yes i know.. rushing this a little) well anyways, here are some pics from the park, heidi and hayden having a grand old time

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mike's 33 WTF?

whoa... time went by too quickly! We had a great day in Corning, NY in and out of all the little shoppes and art galleries, and i had the worlds GREATEST tea! mmmmm. We then went home made a lasagna and had some cake :) miss heidi decided to go NUTSO with the cake LOL... hayden didn't do too bad herself, but heidi was so insane with it i had to shower with her! the bath would never have worked. sid and cindy came over too, it was a nice night.

Sooo... i have cable now...

i am almost in danger of becoming one of those people who sit around all day watching TV, getting fat... you know the type of person who i LOATHE. i never got cable before, just seemed like a bad idea, i lived with out it for sooo very long, my parents, of course, got it after i had moved out. they still joined the information age long before i did. its pathetic really. heidi loves her some TV too... at her age, she shouldn't, which is why i am happy that i have the smarts to take time to turn off the mind numbing thing and play with her. i am just dying for winter to go away! i want to be able to walk outside! i miss my stroller walks in the park. (so strange for ME to be saying this as i LOVE winter.. but i guess children change you LOL)

i suppose my biggest issue is that everyone around me is soooo damn miserable! greg because he has but one job and makes like no money. sid because his wife and children hate him and he has no job, no purpose... and... ok... he has every reason to be miserable, but i am not miserable, i am a relatively happy person, or at least i would like to think i was haha. i have all that i could need right here, so... i dunno, maybe its selfish, but i try to shield myself from all the unhappiness, sort of a self preservation sort of thing, i know my brother will get by, he knows what he needs to do. and i know he, unlike sid, will do what ever he has to. i have seen such a wonderful change in him. he is genuinely trying. *sigh* well i digress, now that i have gone of on some tangent that has nothing to do with anything, i guess what i am saying is hell, i need to stop watching tv and do somthing... i just need something more to do! i redecorated my living rm wanna see?? haha.. of course you do...

my little helper :)

View facing the front of the house... i painted tree limbs 

Painted a nice big ol tree thingy here... sapling if you will.. and that painting above it

taking it all in... (i think... she was watchin something)

Hahaha i painted a bird cage above my fake wood stove... 

The moose enjoying her new place to chill

Monday, March 14, 2011

People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.