Saturday, April 30, 2011

Conneticut day two....

As if yesterday was not busy enough! Today we got up and headed to Norwalk and hit up Stew Leonard's Heidi LOVED all the samples, and the entertainment. If you don't know Stew's then I should explain, it has little shows of sorts throughout the whole store. Such as in the fruit section a mechanical dancing chiquita banana who also sings. They have live farm animals as well. Their coffee is Soooooo good, and so are the chocolate croissants. From there we went to Fairfield University to make our rounds and visit with everyone Heidi is a famous baby there LOL. Then we went to this Turkish restaurant. The food was so very yummy. And the Turkish coffee was good, they had a different sort of backlava l uploaded pics, its the green looking things. Then we went and saw Rockapella at the Quick Center (I used to work there) it was so awesome! And rather nostalgic for me, so another busy day here in ct! Tomorrow we are off to Kent for my HS reunion.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Conneticut day one....

The trip here was hell on earth there were tornado warnings across the board. We misses the one headed towards our house by about ten mins. I of course had to drive as mike had worked all day. But with a lot of faith and prayer we made it to my parents house. It took an extra hour because for a lot of the trip I had to drive four miles an hour in an attempt to see through the blinding rain. My poor windshield wipers couldn't keep up!! The sky was almost lit constantly with how many lightening strikes kept on.

After we arrived we were up for a while and got up early today. We hit up our FAVORITE bagle restaurant had our usual lox bagles and Heidi realy enjoyed her rainbow bagle. It was quite cute. After that we went off to my friend Jon's house wich was utterly impromptu but nice none the less, he went to Whole Foods with us which is a totally awesome natural/organic food store in Westport, CT. We got Heidi her little snackies. Then we went to Sasco Beach and watched the waves crashing Nm and the storm rolling inland. From there we were off to First Church Fairfield to see Mrs. Caldwell before she moves to Manchester. We also popped in on Rev. Spolett who is growing his hair long and has it in a ponytail which is a good look for hmim. He was happy to see Heidi since he hasn't since her christening. If this wasn't enough activity for the day we had a great dinner with mom and dad and then dad took us out to Sunny Daes for ice cream :) anyhoo... I uploaded some pics of the beautiful trees in bloom here at my parents house, and some pics if the beach.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's in the rain...

So yesterday was.. well to put it bluntly HELL on earth. Then we had this gorgeous thunderstorm... the sky came alive with energy and from that energy usually comes rebirth. when i woke today the sun was shining, and it was 81 deg! i decided what a day for us to just go outside and be immersed in the beauty that is the earth. to feel the dew covered grass between my toes. I ran to target to get the little munchkin a new sun hat since her others don't fit, then upon returning some of the local hippies were out and we were sitting on Josie's porch watching Heidi and Hayden play while Gary and Dave jammed out.. today... is just perfect..

                                                                  Gary and Heidi


Monday, April 25, 2011

Words fail me right now.... I don't have any to speak... I can't even make sense of how I feel... How could I be so naive? How did I not see? I am just crushed.....
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

papa's day off :)

When papa has the day off he makes breakfast for everyone, today it was pancakes hash, eggs, sausage and he had an omelette but what was really cute is he made Heidi her own special pancakes like my daddy used to make me. We called them "dots" when we were growing up. She loved them, so here's hoping she will have good memories like I do.

(You see in the pictures the one he made in the shape if a.strawberry bc she likes strawberries :))
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hilliard's the biggest stressor

Ok, so when I moved in here I knew it was close to a factory but everyone told me that you never hear a peep out of then and they are really nice considerate people. I strongly beg to differ with that. Every single day the workers park outside my house. They have a parking lot but refuse to use it bc their lazy assessed don't want to walk the extra 30 ft. I get it, I really do, however they need to get that this is a residential st and when the residents can't get out of theory driveways safely on a good day, let alone a snow day bc let me tell you, they certainly won't plow our roads with cars on either side. This keeps us from getting to our jobs because we can't get out!

Then today, we missed out on getting a much needed st cleaning bc their cars blocked the path of the street sweeper. This isn't all I have to deal with. Their shift changes are at 7 am, 11pm and 3 pm.... So, Heidi is usually still napping at 3pm and these inconsiderate neanderthals beep their horns and slam their cat doors right out-side my house. So of course its wakes her up and she is miserable the rest of the day. Then the same at seven am... Poor thing gets woken up. The worst is in the summer when the windows are open they sit outside my house talking as loud as can be, hootin and hollerin, at 3am and 5am! They have a pic-a-nic bench outside on the NON residential side of the factory. They are so very inconsiderate I just can't believe it. Now I have tried being kind to them, asking them nicely to stop these things. They don't listen. I am to the point that I am going to follow these people home one by one and sit outside their house and give them a dose of their own medicine.

Mike says this summer we will just call in numerous noise complaints until the get the picture. I personally can sleep through it as can mike, but Heidi can't and she is just a baby and deserves so much better. Any suggestions on this matter are welcome.
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Geeka's Vegitarian Resturant....

If you live in the Elmira-Corning area I recommend Geeka's veggie soul food restaurant. Geeka herself cooks everything by hand, she is the waitress, chef and cashier. She is an amazingly warm woman. Her faith is deep rooted and she emanates good will. Her food is just amazing! I have never ever had a bad meal there, my favorite are the blackbeans and rice, the Caribbean wrap (which is what I had today and Heidi had the beans and rice) her curried veggis, sweet corn and corn bread are out of this world. She makes everything from scratch with fresh ingredients. The salad is great and she makes her own dressing. The woman is just such an inspiration to me.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Watering the garden with Papa

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Heidi playing in the yard

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big day of gardrning........

Everyone had a great day playing in the dirt.. or in Heidi's case eating the dirt LOL. We accomplished a lot but have two more garden beds to dig out yet. I am so excited for organic fresh veggies!
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Sooo... It would appear that I totally screwed up by resetting my palm.. I can't get the contacts off of it because they actually aren't on it!!! Soooooo Verizon says my option is, I find someone with a palm so I can temp load my contacts on it from my palm act then they can switch it back... What a pain. So tomorrow I will try again, good news is Sid and Mike both have palm phones *sigh*

Anyways.. today is a dreary lazy kind of day, but the rain will bring some green back to the world. And it will be great for my garden, I have more to plant yet, got more seeds yesterday at Wegmans so I can't wait till the rain let's up and I can add some more. The dirt here is amazingly rich and healthy... Only thing is I found some grabs when tilling so I have to deal with that before I plant the potatoes. Has anyone seen these "earthship" homes? They are too cool and 100% self sustaining! They catch rain water, they use solar for power, and they are made from recycling! It's so awesome! here is the Link check them out :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Well I got my new phone today, its different typing on a touchscreen is a lot harder to do and will take some getting used to, thankfully it has a great spell check that tries to correct all your mistakes lol. And I make a lot of them. I really like that unlike palm, there is an android app for Blogger, and Plurk. No more loading them in the internet app. I'm kinda irritated with palm right now bc they can't get my contacts off the old phone, next step is trying to connect the thunderbolt to the MAC... Shudder LOL. Wish me luck! Otherwise I love the phone! Soooooo much better than palm or the iPhone, which is saying a lot Since I love my mac's.
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Monday, April 11, 2011

WOW!! What a beautiful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, i think spring has officially sprung in our town! it is so beautiful out! we went in to take a little lunch break, it is so bright and sunny! i started digging out a spot for my garden, found a good spot for it, heidi ran all around playing in the mud. she really enjoed that. we delivered our meals on wheels, she was a little busy body running all over the place. i cant wait to get back out! LOL

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day on the farm and in Olyphant..

I was a little worried when i woke up so early this morning that i wouldn't be able to enjoy my day on account of being too tired. i was wrong, i had a GREAT day! it's always so nice to see my daddy at the farm! he gets so excited to be there and show off his progress on the top barn which might i add was BEAUTIFUL! he took Heidi for a tractor ride because he FINALLY got his super H working.. he was so happy, because he has a tractor plow event coming up at Bunnel farm. he is like us i think, even though he says he isn't, i think he feels very at home on the farm. in his element if you will lol. we had a great breakfast at the fire hall, Heidi loved looking at all the fire trucks and had fun with joey and Jason as well. they served biscuits and sausage gravy, along with eggs made to order (fresh from the farm! nothing like it!) sausage and ham (also farm fresh) and crapes with farm fresh peaches YUMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! we then went to Olyphant to visit my step daughter Victoria, Heidi and her ran around the house for a while, then we went to the park Heidi had fun on the swings there, and watching the river flow by from her stroller. we got home and she ran in and out of the little play house they have there. we sooo need to get one for Heidi! and for that matter she needs a swing set! Jen cooked a really yummy lasagna and we ate then played some baseball out back and headed home.. all in all.. it was a totally nice fun day back in a place we love to death :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Verizon vs. Palm Support...

I am still on the phone with verizon support... they have stuck with me for almost two hours now, (he promices he doesn't care because he is getting over time for this) my palm pre plus decided to.. well.. for lack of a better word.. just die. it litterally died, unprompted.. it just stoped responding with my network. it (the phone) told me to contact palm. which i did with verizon on the phone. palm was useless. and omg full of attitude!!!! so.. of course i screwed a bit with the tech guy.. kinda had to after he was so rude to me. (he asked me if there was anything else he could do for me so i asked him if he would walk my dog.. ) anyways, the verizon guy stuck with me for two hours, two effen hours, trying his damdest to get me hooked up with a working phone, he got me all set up, imputed all the info, then right as he was about to finish the system went down and all his info went away.. just dissapeared.. the poor guy! and he said he felt bad for me, such a sweetheart, i felt bad he stayed over so long at work and didnt acomplish a thing! he is even nice enough to call me back on monday to make sure i got what i needed. now, i only wish verizons home support was as good as their cell support! LOL anyways, all said and done, i have to call back tomorrow and try all over again... at this point.. its just utterly comical.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sleep Test...

So i was looking in the magizine "Real Simple" and i saw this article. it tells you about sleep patterns, and how to feel rested when you wake up and what not. i thought it was really interesting and took the test online, to find out my sleep type. if anyone else is interested here is the link! the test told me that my optimal sleep time was to go to bed at 12:45 and awaken at 7:30 am.. i will for sure have to try this, hopefully it will work for me, i am so sick of waking up and feeling like i havent slept at all.. could be the baby though.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Boredome and Henna

Ok, so for those of you who don't know what Henna is.. It is an Indian tradition which has been practiced for thousands of years. It is also practiced in Africa and the Middle East. The Henna plant is believed to bring love, luck and prosperity. Mehndi (the Indian word for body painting) involves using a paste made  from the crushed leaves of the henna plant; when applied to the skin, it leaves these beautiful markings that fade naturally over time.

Now, today I decided to try this LOL and I painted both feet and one hand with Henna. The darker lines are the paste still on my feet and the redish orange is when it's off. The reddish orange over the next few days will trurn to a reddish brownish color.